$400 for either a morning or afternoon trip

  • 2 Anglers

  • $50 for a third angler

  • Max 3 anglers per boat

  • Mom or dad with 2 school aged kids is no extra cost

  • Mom and dad with a school aged kid, no extra cost

Your angling experience on our boats will be unique in that you and your partner have full access to the bow of the boat.  You fish from the front just like the pros.  

With remote deploy and remote control trolling motor, the bow is yours to command while your guide keeps you on the fish from the helm or back deck.  Our boats are custom built with space, comfort and being ultra-light enough to explore the entire lake without worrying about how weedy it is.  We can get there!  Our boats are equipped with trolling motors with GPS spot lock to keep you right on the fish, and with PowerPole anchors to assist with positioning when a good bite is on.

You just cast and catch from the front deck.  

  • Trips are around 6 hours of actual fishing time.  If the fish are really biting, we might stay a lit' longer.

  • Fishing time is maximized because our spots are only about 10 minutes from the launch.

  • Trip is all inclusive with sports drinks, water and snacks provided.

  • We offer concierge service, with pick up and drop off at your hotel or resort.  Prices start at $100, round trip.

  • If you happen to catch a trophy fish at over 8 pounds, we can assist with taxidermy reproduced from photos, and we can assist in filling out the certified trophy application.  

2019 boat.jpg

We've been fishing the lake for almost 5 years, during pre-opening, and followed the progress of construction since long before.  We've got the lake dialed-in and can put you on the fish.  50 fish a day is not uncommon and 8 pounders are regularly caught.

Ramp location.jpg

We also fish stick marsh, Garcias and Blue cypress lake for trophy bass