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Fish Fellsmere REservioir

Paddlecraft only until ... 2020?


'One of a kind' is sort of cliche, but there really is no other way to describe Fellsmere Reservoir.  With almost 10,000 total acres and 7,000 fishable acres which only paddle craft can access at this time, there is no other opportunity like this anywhere in the world. 

A concept begining in 2008, the current lake is the pinnacle of management concepts from several private and state groups.  While part of the overall flood and hurricane water managment program, the fishery and surrounding natural paradise for sportsmen, simply has to be visited to be believed.

With 21st century lake enhancement and managment ideas, the fishing opportunites are nearly unbelievable. Millions of public and thousands of private dollars were invested to create a reservoir that performs a very important function, and at the same time provide a recreation area for small game hunters--mainly ducks, for anglers from around the country and birders and naturalists from around the world.  


You don't have to be a 'kayaker' to enjoy the fishing.  Just be open to a different kind of adventure.

 It's sort of like getting back to the basics and just enjoying the simplicity of it all. 

To see what all the growing antipation and notoriety is all about, just drop us a line.





 With over $1.2 million dollars spent on habitat enhancement and an incredibly well-groomed stocking and managment program, the fishing is becoming known as the best in the world.   


 The wildlife that flourishes in the area and specifically on Fellsmere Reservior is a huge draw to the area for folks from around the world.